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“We are deeply grateful to you for your interest in our work and for your loyalty.
Our passion is embodied in each of our bottles and we hope that all our wines can bring you an unforgettable sensory experience.
We are proud and happy to be part of your most precious moments of sharing and wish to associate you even more with our adventure by becoming a member of the Club Vignobles Chatonnet”

Pascal Chatonnet

500€ / year


As a winemaker, if we can enrich people's lives and inspire them to discover something beyond what they might have known, that brings us great satisfaction. Our goal is to help members of the “ Cercle des Vignerons ” to share simple, accessible and authentic products to have a more pleasant, healthier life, by sharing our adventure.

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1,200€ / year


To understand wine you have to understand its Terroir, this complex notion which combines the Vine, the wild terrain, the climate of the vintage and the work of Man. It is all these interactions that make it possible to produce wines with the soul of the place and the signature of an inspired author. In each of the wines reserved for members of the “Club Terroirs” the persistence of Nature as well as our entire philosophy is transmitted.

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1,800€ / year


Jeanine & André CHATONNET are the builders of the CHATONNET Vineyards. The “J&A Club” is made to honor them by transmitting their vision to enlightened amateurs in search of pure, rare and exclusive emotions. Rare vintages, private reception, gastronomy, immersive stay, in-depth discoveries allow members of the “J&A Club” to penetrate all the secrets of our blends.

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